Abu Zubair meriwayatkan dari Jabir bin Abdullah bahwa Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:

"Setiap penyakit ada obatnya. Jika obat yang tepat diberikan dengan izin Allah, penyakit itu akan sembuh".

(HR. Muslim, Ahmad dan Hakim).

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Surah 83 - Al Mutaffifin THE DEALERS IN FRAUD

083.001 Woe to those that deal in fraud,-

083.002 Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure,

083.003 But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due.

083.004 Do they not think that they will be called to account?-

083.005 On a Mighty Day,

083.006 A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?

083.007 Nay! Surely the record of the wicked is (preserved) in Sijjin.

083.008 And what will explain to thee what Sijjin is?

083.009 (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed.

083.010 Woe, that Day, to those that deny-

083.011 Those that deny the Day of Judgment.

083.012 And none can deny it but the Transgressor beyond bounds the Sinner!

083.013 When Our Signs are rehearsed to him, he says, "Tales of the ancients!"

083.014 By no means! but on their hearts is the stain of the (ill) which they do!

083.015 Verily, from (the Light of) their Lord, that Day, will they be veiled.

083.016 Further, they will enter the Fire of Hell.

083.017 Further, it will be said to them: "This is the (reality) which ye rejected as false!

083.018 Nay, verily the record of the Righteous is (preserved) in 'Illiyin.

083.019 And what will explain to thee what 'Illiyun is?

083.020 (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed,

083.021 To which bear witness those Nearest (to God).

083.022 Truly the Righteous will be in Bliss:

083.023 On Thrones (of Dignity) will they command a sight (of all things):

083.024 Thou wilt recognise in their faces the beaming brightness of Bliss.

083.025 Their thirst will be slaked with Pure Wine sealed:

083.026 The seal thereof will be Musk: And for this let those aspire, who have aspirations:

083.027 With it will be (given) a mixture of Tasnim:

083.028 A spring, from (the waters) whereof drink those Nearest to God.

083.029 Those in sin used to laugh at those who believed,

083.030 And whenever they passed by them, used to wink at each other (in mockery);

083.031 And when they returned to their own people, they would return jesting;

083.032 And whenever they saw them, they would say, "Behold! These are the people truly astray!"

083.033 But they had not been sent as keepers over them!

083.034 But on this Day the Believers will laugh at the Unbelievers:

083.035 On Thrones (of Dignity) they will command (a sight) (of all things).

083.036 Will not the Unbelievers have been paid back for what they did?

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