Abu Zubair meriwayatkan dari Jabir bin Abdullah bahwa Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:

"Setiap penyakit ada obatnya. Jika obat yang tepat diberikan dengan izin Allah, penyakit itu akan sembuh".

(HR. Muslim, Ahmad dan Hakim).

Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

Surah 90 - Al Balad THE CITY

090.001 I do call to witness this City;-

090.002 And thou art a freeman of this City;-

090.003 And (the mystic ties of) parent and child;-

090.004 Verily We have created man into toil and struggle.

090.005 Thinketh he, that none hath power over him?

090.006 He may say (boastfully); Wealth have I squandered in abundance!

090.007 Thinketh he that none beholdeth him?

090.008 Have We not made for him a pair of eyes?-

090.009 And a tongue, and a pair of lips?-

090.010 And shown him the two highways?

090.011 But he hath made no haste on the path that is steep.

090.012 And what will explain to thee the path that is steep?-

090.013 (It is:) freeing the bondman;

090.014 Or the giving of food in a day of privation

090.015 To the orphan with claims of relationship,

090.016 Or to the indigent (down) in the dust.

090.017 Then will he be of those who believe, and enjoin patience, (constancy, and self-restraint), and enjoin deeds of kindness and compassion.

090.018 Such are the Companions of the Right Hand.

090.019 But those who reject Our Signs, they are the (unhappy) Companions of the Left Hand.

090.020 On them will be Fire vaulted over (all round).

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