Abu Zubair meriwayatkan dari Jabir bin Abdullah bahwa Nabi Muhammad SAW bersabda:

"Setiap penyakit ada obatnya. Jika obat yang tepat diberikan dengan izin Allah, penyakit itu akan sembuh".

(HR. Muslim, Ahmad dan Hakim).

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009

Gempa Sumatera Barat

Everything happened on earth is the command of Allah Swt, similarly with any disaster such earthquake. A day after 7,6 Richter scale eartquake in Padang and its surroundings, rumors are spreading via a short message services said that the time of the earthquake relates with the verses of holy book of Qur'an.

"The earthquake in Padang at 17:16, and the the aftershicks at 17:58, next earthquake in Jambi happened at 8:52. Take a look at the Qur'an! " the sms said.

Belive it or not, when we check that message with the verses of Quran, we will find the time of those earthquakes coincided with the verses of Qur'an that talk about the punishment Allah Swt. Those verses talk about destruction, death and its connection with luxurious life-style and human perfidy. Let's see them one by one ;

17.16 (QS Al-Israa' 16) "When We desire to annihilate a village, We command those who live in ease, but they commit evil therein, then the Word is realized against it and it is utterly annihilated."

17.16 (QS. Al Israa' ayat 16): Dan jika Kami hendak membinasakan suatu negeri, maka Kami perintahkan kepada orang-orang yang hidup mewah di negeri itu (supaya mentaati Allah) tetapi mereka melakukan kedurhakaan dalam negeri itu, maka sudah sepantasnya berlaku terhadapnya perkataan (ketentuan Kami), kemudian Kami hancurkan negeri itu sehancur-hancurnya.

17.58 (QS Al-Israa'; 58) "There is no village except that it shall be destroyed or that We will punish it with a stern punishment before the Day of Resurrection. That is inscribed in the Book."

17.58 (QS. Al Israa' ayat 58): Tak ada suatu negeri pun (yang durhaka penduduknya) , melainkan Kami membinasakannya sebelum hari kiamat atau Kami azab (penduduknya) dengan azab yang sangat keras. Yang demikian itu telah tertulis di dalam kitab (Lauh Mahfuz).

8.52 (QS Al-Anfaal;52) "Like Pharaoh's family and those who have gone before them, they disbelieved the signs of Allah. Therefore, Allah seized them in their sinfulness. Mighty is Allah and stern in retribution."

8.52 (QS. Al Anfaal: 52): (Keadaan mereka) serupa dengan keadaan Firaun dan pengikut-pengikutnya serta orang-orang sebelumnya. Mereka mengingkari ayat-ayat Allah, maka Allah menyiksa mereka disebabkan disebabkan dosa-dosanya. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuat lagi Amat Keras siksaan-Nya.

I don't mean to say that people where the earthquakes happened were being punished by God because they have many sins. People may say that it's just only coincidences. But all i know in islamic knowlegde there is no "coincidence", this is only we as human beings with limited knowledge. Wallahu'alam.

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